‘Just an Inconvenience’

Eman al-Nafjan on the blocking of Viber:

In the long term it doesn’t really matter how many applications are blocked or what reason they’re blocked for. Early on, Saudi persistence and desperation has broken down all blocks.

Censorship does not work anymore. If people wanted access to something, they will find a way to get there.


Human Rights Group Downplaying the Death of Lama?

Eman Al Nafjan:

Is it strange to believe that a human rights organization would prioritize human rights? In the case of the five year old Lama who was tortured to death by her father, the NSHR seem to want to downplay both the crime and the judicial rulings. On the one hand, we have Itimad Al Sonaidi, an NSHR legal investigator, stating to the newspapers that there is no truth to the news reports that blood money had been offered. And on the other hand we have Khalid Al Fakhri, NSHR general director, denying that Lama had been sexually assaulted. Even Suhaila Zain Alabdeen, before strongly speaking out on the case and giving details was careful to have it made clear that she was on the news program as an activist and not as a member of the NSHR.