So Long

I’m sad to announce the end of Riyadh Bureau. This has been an interesting experiment. During the past 13 months, the site has become an important source of news and analysis on Saudi Arabia. However, with no clear plan to monetize its content, it was difficult to anticipate how long that experiment could last. While the site will no longer be updated, I will continue to cover Saudi Arabia in the future. Follow me on Twitter for the latest. Farewell and thanks for reading.


Hello World

Welcome to Riyadh Bureau, an independent news website focusing on Saudi Arabia.

While the country might have survived the waves of change sweeping the Middle East until now, the combination of a young population, geriatric leadership and volatile surroundings makes for one of the most important stories to watch closely. The goal of Riyadh Bureau is to provide news, analysis and commentary with a fresh perspective.

The site will combine original reporting with social media elements and photography to tell the story. Short link posts (denoted by an arrow → next to their title) will take you to other interesting Saudi stories across the web, in both English and Arabic.

The clean, simple design of Riyadh Bureau is responsive, which means it will scale elegantly to look nice on smartphones and tablets. If you are reading this on a desktop or laptop, try playing with the size of your browser window to see the responsive design in action.

I hope that you will enjoy Riyadh Bureau, and please don’t hesitate to get in touch using the Contact page, email or on Twitter.