Saudi Arrests Two Foreigners Linked to Al-Qaeda Suicidal Attacks Plot

Saudi Arabia announced on Thursday arresting two foreigners allegedly linked to al-Qaeda, the state news agency said. Spokesman for the Ministry of Interior said the two men were arrested last week after “monitoring hatred and incitement messages on social media.”

MOI spokesman said preliminary investigation shows that the two suspects, one from Yemen and the other from Chad who has been previously deported from the kingdom and returned with a different passport, “exchanged information about imminent suicidal attacks in the region.”

The United States closed 22 embassies and consulates, mostly in the Middle East and including Saudi Arabia, in response to fears of an unspecified terrorist attack linked to al-Qaeda. The State Department also issued a global travel alert last Friday that will be in force until the end of August.

On July 25, the State Department issued a travel warning urging US citizens “to carefully consider the risks of traveling to Saudi Arabia.”

The Saudi spokesman said the computers and mobile phones found with the two suspects show that they have communicated with the “misguided group,” a term often used by the government to describe al-Qaeda and its affiliates. The spokesman added that the suspects used encrypted email and listed a number of social media accounts allegedly used by them.