‘It Is a Big Thing’

Sarah Attar, the first Saudi woman to participate in the Olympics as a track and field athlete, was in Jeddah recently. Saudi Gazette interviews her:

She said she realized how impactful, important, positive and influential her participation was for her country after the Olympics. Although she had never envisioned being part of the Olympics, she said it was a huge part of her life and will remain to be so. “It was impactful and an amazing experience.”

When asked about the impact it had on the younger generation in Saudi Arabia, Attar said: “One of my younger cousins had a class project on me. Their PE teacher had my photo up in the classroom, so they called me for interviews and it was great to talk to them. I mean, it is a big thing. I know the act itself does not change everything but you have to start somewhere. Everything begins with a step.”