Domestic Violence in Saudi Arabia

Three out of 10 women in Saudi Arabia are subjected to domestic violence, said Maha al-Muneef, head of the National Family Safety Program (NFSP). Al-Muneef added that 200 children are admitted to hospital every year because of domestic violence, Saudi Gazette reported.

King Khaled Foundation recently launched an anti-abuse campaign that has been widely covered by international media. The foundation produced an ad showing a woman in a dark veil with one black eye. The ad has gone viral on local social media. But the most important part of the campaign is probably this sheet produced by the foundation with contact information to bodies that can help women in the case of abuse.

However, violence against women and children is on the rise in the country in spite of these initiatives, says columnist Samar Fatany, because such abuses are not treated as serious crimes and they are rarely prosecuted in court. Fatany also blames the media for the failure to raise awareness of this issue and the lack of journalists who understand domestic violence in order to cover its stories.

“Saudi women have had enough” she says.