In Defense of Fakeih

Saudi Labor Minister Adel Fakeih has come under heavy criticism for his recent policies like increasing visa fees for foreign workers and the crackdown on illegals. Asharq al-Awsat columnist Hussein Shobokshi comes to his defense:

Adel Fakeih, the minister of labor, endured harsh insults and criticism by ill-wishers who would never dare to express themselves in public. Despite this, he always made tough-yet-convincing arguments about the importance of finding solutions and the necessity for everyone, not just the private sector, to contribute. For him, there lies the real challenge. Therefore, everyone must take part to make this noble enterprise succeed. Most importantly, everyone must be accountable and liable to punishment if found guilty of negligence or corruption.

To succeed in this challenge is a matter of public interest. Failure will have risky consequences for everyone. It is true that the Saudi minister of labor has competently accomplished a task that is both unpleasant and uneasy; however, his accomplishment will definitely go down in history. Therefore, he deserves our respect and appreciation.