Joseph A. Kéchichian on why Prince Khaled bin Sultan was fired as Saudi deputy minister of defense:

Rather, and because of his very close work within the Saudi armed forces during and since the 1991 War for Kuwait, chances were excellent that the monarch was dissatisfied with specific military policies, on at least three counts: Prince Khalid’s record in the 2009 War with the Al Houthis along the Yemen borders that resulted in over 130 Saudi casualties, the recent Asian tour that probably involved additional defense purchases from China, and the decision to ink a multi-billion arms deal for 84 Boeing F-15s that Saudi Arabia purchased in 2010.

Various reports revealed that Prince Khalid’s leadership did not please the monarch over the long duration of the conflict as well as the large number of casualties in the Yemen crisis. Moreover, the king was also concerned that recent military purchases presented substantial expenditures, and may have caused the monarch to wonder whether such financial spending was warranted at a time when Saudi Arabia was anxious to meet domestic requirements.