Imagine Saudi Arabia Without Foreign Labor

Tackling unemployment among Saudi citizens was the main justification for the recent crackdown on illegal foreign workers, but will it really solve the problem? Somayya Jabarti dares you to imagine Saudi Arabia without expats:

In the case of Saudi unemployment, the scapegoat has been (drum rolling)…of course “guest workers” — whether they are illegally here or, legally here but illegally working. The solution: detain them and/or deport them. Then Saudi unemployment will be resolved and all will be happily ever working again. 

Whom are we kidding? We can’t be serious, though the situation utterly is, can we?  

Can we — and have we ever bothered to imagine our country without its guest workers? As it is wrong to assume that we have all been blessed with an imagination, perhaps all guest workers should indulge us and for 24 hours just totally stop working. Period. Why not experience an expat-less Saudi Arabia?