Saudi Prosecutor Asks for Crucifixion of Jailed Shia Cleric

A Saudi public prosecutor is pushing for the death sentence in the case of a detained Shia cleric from Qatif, local media reported Tuesday. The prosecutor is seeking to apply the punishment of heraba, death by crucifixion, against Sheikh Nemer al-Nemer, a firebrand preacher who was arrested in July 2012 after a car chase in the town of Awwamiya in the Eastern Province.

Newspapers reported the story without mentioning al-Nemer by name, but Okaz ran the story with a picture of him on top. The prosecutor is reportedly accusing al-Nemer of inciting sectarian strife, meeting with wanted individuals to instigate them to commit crimes and kill citizens and security forces, assaults public property through his Friday sermons, and interfering in the matters of neighboring countries.

Al-Nemer has attended the trial and asked the judge for time to appoint a lawyer after consulting with his family, Okaz reported. The judge has accepted the defendant’s request and informed him that his family members would be allowed to attend the upcoming hearings.