Saudi Grand Mufti: Twitter Users Are Clowns

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti said Thursday that ythe outh are wasting their time by using the Internet, especially social media sites like Twitter. The daily al-Watan quoted Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Alsheikh as saying, “Twitter has become a gathering place for every clown and corrupter who post tweets that are illegitimate, false and wrong.”

The Grand Mufti has become increasingly critical of Twitter users recently. In January 2012 he said the social network “has become a platform for trading accusations and for promoting lies used by some just for the sake of fame.” Then in October he called people who use the site “fools” and accused them of lacking modesty and faith.

Twitter has become a major platform for Saudi to exchange ideas and debate political issues in the country. A recent survey said 51% of internet users in Saudi Arabia are active Twitter users, putting it in first place worldwide. A Saudi official admitted last month that the government is struggling to monitor and censor the site due to the huge volume of messages posted by users inside the country.