Demolish the Barbed Wires

Khaled al-Sulaiman on how to solve the housing crisis:

The solution lies in a bold decision to liberate the land from the restraints of monopoly. Liberate the large pieces of land given out as grants to some citizens and you will solve the housing problem forever.

In other words, the problem lies with us and its solution is in our own hands but nobody is willing to go for this logical solution lest the land sharks will be offended. It is only fair to anger the few for the happiness and joy of the majority. It is unfair to deprive the majority of citizens of the right to have their own homes just because most of the land is in the hands of very few Saudis.

We should impose high taxes on empty and undeveloped land and demolish the barbed wires surrounding them. When we do this, the high prices of land will automatically come down and every citizen will be able to accomplish his dream of owning a house.

As usual, al-Sulaiman stops short of naming those “very few Saudis” who have a monopoly over land and surround it with barbed wires. Hint: they are not normal Saudis.