Double Standard?

Badriya Al-Bisher:

News about the release of some Al-Qaeda members and prisoners from Guantanamo including some women who were linked to Al-Qaeda such as the “Al-Qaeda lady”, were indicators of pardoning some of the citizens who had adopted the Al-Qaeda ideology. This pardoning came after the judicial committees, comprising of a number of prominent Muslim scholars who announced that they had succeeded in correcting the thought of some of the detainees and made them repentant. Some of the released prisoners left the country to rejoin Al-Qaeda but these were isolated cases.

What is surprising is that the judicial committees do not cater to citizens who are imprisoned for less serious cases. These detainees did not carry arms against the state or terror in their minds. These include the young columnist Hamza Kashgari who is in desperate condition according to the writer and journalist Abdulazi Al-Qasim who recently visited him in his prison. His mother’s heart has been bleeding while she pleads for his release and pardon. His crime was a tweet for which he apologized and declared repentance. Is it fair to keep Kashgari, a religious young man, behind bars for more than a year for a mistake for which he has already apologized?

Is it really surprising that the judiciary is dominated by religious conservatives who have more sympathy to al-Qaeda suspects than to liberal writers?