For a conservative take on the topic of women employment in Saudi Arabia, read this opinion piece by al-Madinah columnist Abdullah Munawar al-Jamili translated by Saudi Gazette:

A certain group in society has recently said women should be employed in jobs that put them in direct contact with men and are unsuitable to their natures. This group has claimed this will help lower women’s unemployment and ensure that they can be financially independent. In reality, however, this group wants to confine women in a place where they can take advantage of them.

I hope no one will object to me citing the example of women in the West. Despite the openness and liberty enjoyed by Westerners, sexual harassment of women is a rising phenomenon regardless of the countless laws and punishments that await perpetrators.

Such is the plight of women in these countries that they appear in sexually provocative advertisements and even as bartenders serving men!

While many readers of this site might disagree with al-Jamili, it is good that the paper decided to run the piece. English-speaking audiences rarely get to hear from conservative voices in the country.