Women Protesters Arrested in Riyadh and Qassim

Dozens of women and children have been arrested Saturday in two Saudi cities after staging protests to demand the release of their imprisoned family members. Activists posted photos and videos of women holding placards outside the National Soecity of Human Rights office in Riyadh. Another group of women reportedly held a protest outside the Court of Grievances in the city of Buraidah in the central region of Qassim.

“It has been confirmed that ten women protesters in Riyadh have been physically and verbally assaulted,” activist lawyer Waleed Abualkhair said on Twitter. He added that the women arrested include the wife, daughter and granddaughter of Suleiman al-Rashudi, a political activist who was arrested in December after giving a lecture about the permissibility of protests.

The video below is said to show the women after they were taken into custody and were being transferred at the security forces bus, repeating Allah akbar (God is great):

Another similar video uploaded to YouTube is said to show the women who protested in Qassim with their children in the security forces bus, chanting for the freedom of detainees: