Saudi Prince Sues Los Angeles Over Delayed Mansion Permits

Prince Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdul-Aziz al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s deputy foreign minister, sued the city of Los Angeles over claims it illegally refuses to issue building permits for a mansion because of pressure from neighbors.

Abdul-Aziz’s company, Tower Lane Properties Inc., filed a complaint Feb. 5 in state court in Los Angeles, seeking a court order for the city to find it in compliance with permit conditions and demanding $25 million in damages. It’s the third case the prince has brought against the city over the project.

This is not the first time a Saudi prince makes headlines in the US property market. Few years ago Prince Bandar bin Sultan, former ambassador to the US and the current chief of intelligence, listed his Hala Ranch in Aspen, Colorado, for sale for $135 million. It was called the most expensive home in America. The ranch was sold last year to billionaire John Paulson who paid $49 million for the property.