Heavy Rains Ravage Tabuk

Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds since Sunday evening have brought life in the region to a standstill. Major thoroughfares have been inundated with rain water causing lot of problems to the motorists who were seen spending hours to reach their homes or workplaces.

Authorities have ordered all schools in the region closed for two days in view of the incessant rains and clogging of water on main roads in the governorate. All schools will now reopen on Saturday.

Prince Fahd Bin Sultan, Emir of Tabuk Region, has directed all authorities to exert all efforts for the safety of the citizens. They have also been directed to provide all possible assistance, including suitable accommodation, meals and heating for all those affected.

Fahd bin Sultan told Okaz last December that SR 6 billion ($ 1.6 billion) have been spent on infrastructure projects in Taubk. Looking at photos and videos of the flooding streets makes one wonder where did all the money go.