Father of Teenager Killed in Qatif Protest Demands an Investigation

Lebanon-based As-Safir interviews the father of Ahmed al-Matar, a 17-year-old boy who was killed during a protest in Qatif last December:

The father of the deceased rejects the account of the Saudi authorities and demands an impartial and independent investigation.

He said, “What happened to my son is a heinous crime. He was targeted and killed by shots to his side and legs.” Matar believes that “the bullets used in this case were armor-piercing bullets.”

The news came as a shock to the family, who woke up on a Friday to find out that their eldest son among eight siblings had not returned home. The father, who works in Riyadh and visits his family over weekends, went out to search for him. The family discovered through social-networking sites that their son had been killed the previous night, while they had thought that he was out having dinner with his friends.