Some Jeddah Reformers to Be Released, Put On Probation

Local news site Sabq reports that the Ministry of Interior has decided to put on probation ten activists who have been previously sentenced to prolonged jail terms. Those activists were arrested in 2007 and later became known as the “Jeddah reformers.” The government accused them of terrorism and plotting to overthrow the monarchy. In November 2011 they were sentenced to up to 30 years in jail followed by travel bans. The site says the ten men are to be released under the condition that they will not return to their activism, and that they will be sent back to jail if they violated the term of their probation. Six more members of the Jeddah reformers group, including Saud Mokhtar al-Hashmi and Sulaiman al-Rashudi, remain in jail and would not be included in this decision.