Conservatives Repeat Themselves

Ali al-Ghamdi:

Those who today object to women working and who consider that those who permit them to do so should die of cancer are the same men who forbade installing television dishes a decade ago but are now competing with each other to appear on — both paid and free – satellite channels. Of course, while formerly they prayed against those who permitted such dishes, they now pray for the forgiveness and mercy of the same people!

The same thing happened in the case of girls’ education more than 50 years ago. A large number of clerics forbade the opening of schools for girls. In some regions, they sent delegations to the late King Faisal asking him not to give permission for such schools in their parts of the country. But King Faisal, who was determined in his position, settled the matter by saying that the government would open schools but would not force anyone to send his daughter to them.