Specialist Hospital Overwhelmed by Cancer Patients

Saudi Gazette:

King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center (KFSHRC) does not have sufficient equipment and capacity to handle the 12,000 cancer cases it receives every year even if it were to increase its current capacity three times, senior hospital officials told Al-Watan daily.

This problem will remain unsolved as long as the hospital receives this huge number of cases on an annual basis, which is more than it can handle, officials said.

In order to find a drastic solution to this issue, the health sector should receive more financial support similar to the one many advanced countries receive.

Keep in mind that KFSHRC, or Takhassosi as we call it here, is not part of the government healthcare system. It is a “public organization” with its own board and regulations. KFSHRC is overwhelmed because the healthcare system is failing. Saudi Arabia allocated $26.7 billion for healthcare in its 2013 budget. Is the problem lack of financial resources or how these resources are being managed?