The Young Saudi Dilemma

Omar Johani, a Saudi student in Los Angeles, tweeted today:


Definition of dilemma: To choose between living in Saudi Arabia in order to try build a better country for your children, or immigrating to live abroad because life is too short and you don’t want to waste it in Saudi Arabia.

This is something a lot of young Saudis who have the choice to leave their country find themselves forced to tackle and think about. King Abdullah Scholarship Program has given hundreds of thousands of young men and women the chance to experience living abroad. As they become more worldly, they begin to increasingly ponder such choices in life. Some feel that they are citizens of the world who happened to be born in Saudi Arabia and they don’t feel bound to come back. Others feel that, no matter where they go or how long they stay away, they have to return home one day to contribute to the development of their country.