Instability Cannot Be Tolerated, Senior Saudi Official Says

AP reports from the IISS Regional Security Summit in Bahrain:

Earlier, a senior Saudi official said Gulf Arab states must quash any Arab Spring-inspired unrest or risk threats to their leadership across the oil-rich region.

The comments by Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah, the Saudi deputy foreign minister, echoed calls by Gulf authorities to widen crackdowns on perceived opposition such as rights activists and Islamist factions.

His remarks also appeared aimed at justifying the intervention last year in Bahrain by a Saudi-led Gulf military force.

Prince Abdulaziz says Gulf states “cannot tolerate instability” that could lead to challenges to the Western-allied leaders from Kuwait to Oman that have so far ridden out the Arab Spring.

There is nothing new in these statements, but it is good to have them on the record by a senior official.

UPDATE: The Saudi government has denied that Prince Abdulaziz gave these statements.