WHO says Gulf residents are seven times more likely to die in a car accident than UK residents. It is extremely scary, especially in Saudi Arabia:

Zeina Nazer, managing director of Innova Consulting and Secretary General of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Arab, said the number of fatalities on Saudi roads have grown by 10 percent so far in 2012, accounting for billions of dollars of remedial government costs.

“Saudi Arabia spends $6 billion per year on the management of car accidents, and $250 million per year on medical care for those injured on Saudi roads, while an average of 19.1 deaths a day makes the country among the most dangerous in the world for drivers,” said Nazer.

“Motorists can be seen running red lights, speeding, racing, or driving in a reckless and aggressive fashion, while most car accidents are mainly caused by young male drivers due to their lack of responsibility and careless attitudes.