Saudi King Meets Old Teacher Who Hit Him

This looks like an old video but it has only been uploaded to YouTube recently and it has been circulating widely among Saudi Twitter users today.

In the video, King Abdullah can be seen listening to an elderly man. As the elderly man finishes talking, King Abdullah thanks him then says: “This Sheikh was my teacher,” says the King of the man. “Should I tell them what you have done to me or not?” the King asks. The audience laughs, and the man begins to praise the King, apparently because he knows what the King is about to say would be embarrassing. His attempt to make the King forgo telling the story miserably fails.

“I want to ask you something,” the King says to the man. “Do you remember that hit that you gave me, huh?”

The attendees immediately burst into laughing, and the embarrassed elderly man responds quickly with a famous Arabic proverb, saying: “Being hit by a by a loved one is like eating raisins.”

The response makes the King chuckle, then he thanks the elderly man again, gesturing that the friendly conversation has come to an end.