‘A Lot of Saudis Love America’

Princess Ameerah al-Taweel continues her US media tour, this time speaking to The Daily Beast:

She thinks the West often gets the wrong impression of Saudi Arabia, noting that the good news doesn’t tend to make headlines, only the bad. “Fifty-six percent of university graduates are women,” she says. “We watch Seinfeld, Friends, the presidential debates—a lot of Saudis love America. I swear to God, if you come, you’ll see Saudis watching American TV.”

The princess also comments on Karen Elliott House’s recent Newsweek piece where House wrote about spending some time with a conservative family in Riyadh. “She doesn’t represent all women…she was an extreme conservative,” the princess said of the woman that House profiled. The question is, who represents Saudi women more: that conservative middle-class mother or the glamorous Princess Ameerah?