National Day Censorship

Cartoonist Abdullah Jaber published this drawing on his Twitter account on the eve of the National Day. The drawing was supposed to be published in al-Jazirah newspaper the next day:

The drawing shows a Saudi man dressed in green and waving the national flag in both hands. In the background, you can see his regular thobe and ghotra, covered by patches, and next to them there is a green folder with papers falling out of it. The notorious green folder has become a symbol of unempmyment among youth because it is a requirement by many government departments to put your documents in a green folder when you apply for a job there. So basically, this man is apparently poor and unemployed, but despite that he is celebrating the National Day anyway. That, however, is not how the cartoon was published in the newspaper the next day. This is how it was published:

The thobe and ghotra were edited to removed the patches from them, and the green folder mysteriously disappeared altogether. When I asked him on Twitter about this, the cartoonist said he was not consluted about the changes. “The newspaper edited the cartoon without my knowledge,” Jaber said: