Women In Shoura

Two women took part at the Shoura Council session Monday to discuss the Ministry of Health’s performance for the first time in the consultative body history. The two women were part of the delegation accompanying health minister Abdullah Al Rabeeah. Although the session was supposedly broadcasted on the state television, I can’t seem to find videos or photos. But according to Sabq, the two female MOH officials, both wearing the niqab, sat at the balcony in the Shoura chamber during the session then moved down to take the podium when they had to answer questions related to their work.

Sources close to the Shoura announced earlier this month that 30 women are expected to be appointed on the Council before the consultative body begins its next annual session that will begin in late September. Saudi Gazette columnist Samar Fatany wrote Saturday that “several institutions had been asked to nominate names of competent Saudi women with high credentials and good experience” to be considered for the Shoura membership. Saudi women will also be allowed to vote and run in the upcoming municipal elections.